Sneak Peek!

Here is the 2 minute Sneak Peek video that was previously only available on pay streaming sites and iTunes. It is a slightly more in-depth look at the show than the previous 15 second trailer.

What is Cosplay?

In simple terms, cosplay is when a fan wears a costume to a convention. ┬áCosplay is a creative way to express one’s admiration/love/obsession for a movie, TV show, comic book, or other pop culture character. It is like wearing a T-shirt with your favorite superhero on it, amplified to the power of your fandom. What…

Counting Down!

As of this writing, Heroes Of Cosplay will premiere in less than a month. Production has been shooting B-roll at Anime Expo a couple of weeks ago, and some final bits of shooting have taken place this past weekend. There is a lot that goes into making a TV show, and I don’t envy the…