I am Jinyo, a cosplayer  and designer. I recently appeared on a TV show called “Heroes Of Cosplay,” which is broadcast on the SyFy network, in the USA. This is my personal blog about cosplay, reality TV, and “Heroes Of Cosplay.”

This is my personal blog, and is not owned, endorsed, or authorized by SyFy (the network that carries the show in the US), NBCUniversal (the company that owns SyFy), Comcast (the company that owns NBCUniversal), 51 Minds (the production company that made the show), Endemol (the company that owns most of 51 Minds), or Mediaset (the company that heads the consortium that owns Endemol). The opinions here reflect my own opinions only, and do not represent the opinions of Syfy, NBCUniversal, 51 Minds, Endemol, Mediaset, the other people who appeared on or worked on ”Heroes Of Cosplay,” or any of the other people or animals who live in my apartment.
For posts and announcements shorter than 140 characters, check out http://twitter.com/Jinyoface
The real, official website for the TV show: http://www.syfy.com/heroesofcosplay
If you have a problem with this website, please write an email, roll it up real tight, and shove it up your avatar.

6 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello! I’m a huge fan of your work and I just wanted to ask if it was possible to commission you to make a prop? If not then I understand. Thank you anyways and keep doing what you do!

    • I’m glad you enjoy my work. Unfortunately, I don’t generally take commissions. If you want, you can tell me what you want, when you want it, and what your budget is, and I will consider it. But I can’t promise anything.

  2. Hi!
    I’m from germany and I really really love your ideas.
    After I saw you in “Heroes of Cosplay” I see you as an idol, ’cause I want to become such a great cosplayer and designer like you. Your work inspires me and I hope it gets more and more attetion after the series.
    (hope my english isn’t so bad^^’)

    Please keep going! :3

    Greetings from germany


  3. Hi Jinyo,

    How did you learn to create such amazing costumes? Did you go to school? If you did, where did you go? Also, what kind of sewing machine do you use? I want to learn, and am in the beginning stages. You are inspiring!


    • I learned basic sewing in junior high Home Ec class, and picked up some various techniques in art classes. But for the most part, I taught myself how to do things. There are a lot of tutorials on the internet, depending on what you want to do. Websites like Cosplay.com and TheRPF.com have discussions on specific techniques. Just dive in, be prepared to screw up a lot, and every project will be a learning experience!

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